Terms of use

Terms of use

Santarém International Film Festival

These Terms of Use establish FICSantarém's commitment and expectation in relation to all people involved in carrying out its activities - from the organization to the group of participants, such as creators, industry or the public - to guarantee a positive experience, free from harassment, discrimination, sexism and intimidation.

We intend to encourage the free exchange of ideas and experiences built on a basis of mutual respect, in a safe and inclusive environment for people of all ethnicities, identities, gender expressions, disabilities, neurodivergences, sexual orientations, nationalities, religions, ages, physical appearance and body size, education level, languages spoken, with different migration statuses or different economic situations.

FICSantarém reserves the right to condemn behavior that violates this commitment, and revoke access, without prior notice or refund, to events and locations, to anyone who engages in such conduct.

Anyone wishing to report behavior contrary to this code of conduct must notify a member of the team on site or send an email to Rosária Vale, from the FICSantarem management:

If you prefer to maintain confidentiality or feel that objectivity and impartiality may be compromised, we encourage counseling through the Portuguese Victim Support Association, APAV, which provides assistance to victims of ALL crimes, as well as their family and friends:

via the Victim Support Line 116 006 (free call, weekdays 8am-10pm)

through the National Network of Victim Support Offices

by email

more information